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Backyard Poultry Vets – We Keep Your Pet Birds Healthy

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We have many years of experience looking after your valued birds in a caring professional way.

Backyard poultry is an important part of our business. We are blessed to have experienced veterinary surgeons who deal with poultry on a daily basis but also have hospital facilities to provide critical care or perform surgery on your birds if required.

You can make an appointment to have a consult with one of our poultry vets if you are concerned about their health and we are also happy to visit your home or small holding if required to give expert advice on the day to day management of your birds or to investigate any disease problems. Our 24/7 service for your birds is valued by all our clients.

We have a fully stocked pharmacy to provide medicines that are specific to your birds. We also provide ancillary products to help with their welfare such as red mite control, rodent control and fly control.

Poultry Courses

We run many course for our backyard poultry clients who want to know more about how to keep them healthy.

A date is soon to be announced for a day course aimed to provide you with a complete and relevant knowledge with regards to caring for your birds needs. Some of the topics covered will include parasite control, common health issues and how to prevent them, the dreaded Avian Influenza and how it can affect your birds as well as management advice to provide the most chicken-friendly environment to your feathered friends. We will also look at the workings of a chicken and how they produce their eggs and what we can do to help, and how to recognise problems.

There will also be a practical element to the day where you have the opportunity to examine a live chicken and if you are feeling brave, study the anatomy of the chicken in our post mortem room!

Speak with a qualified poultry vet...

The Poulty Vets at Mount Vets are here to help with any questions you have on this subject – if you need help or advice on any farm veterinary issues please give us a call immediately - we're here to help.

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