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Mount Vets Limited is a leading UK provider of export certification and advice to companies involved in the export of POAO (Products of Animal Origin) abroad, including dairy and meat based foods.

Mount Vets Farm Export Services

Four of our practice vets have the extra OV(Es)(EX)and (PX) qualifications that are necessary to do this work. We have helped to export a variety of POAO (Products of animal origin) into markets across the world for several years with destinations including the Americas, The Caribbean, The Middle East, The Far East, China, Africa and Australasia. Brexit has inevitably brought a fresh set of challenges for those that export to the EU, and the practice now works closely with a number of new clients ranging from local manufacturers to large multinational companies.

Negotiating the requirements and red tape associated with export certification is difficult and can be very frustrating, particularly for companies new to the complexities of export certification, so our practice approach is always collaborative. We understand that our role is to put product into the market as quickly and cost effectively, and we will work with our clients to set up protocols and systems to ensure that their trade continues with as little disruption as possible.

The practice is located by Junction 26 of the M5, so it is no surprise that the core of our business is with dairy products produced in the South West region. However, we also export meats, fish, leather goods, animal feeds and a diverse assortment of composite products to the EU and beyond. From Wellington, we travel widely across the region to visit manufacturing premises, warehouses and distribution centres, including Bristol and beyond.

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Our Qualified Export Vets

Alastair Caygill | Farm Vet Team | Mount Farm Vets

Alastair Caygill

Alastair Winearls | Farm Vet Team | Mount Farm Vets

Alastair Winearls

David Balch | Farm Vet Team | Mount Farm Vets


Ollie Judkins | Farm Vet Team | Mount Farm Vets

Ollie Judkins

Mount Vets Export Services are Professional Associate Members of the Food and Drink Exporters Association (FDEA). The FDEA represents the interests of UK food and drink exporters and has an influential position with both the international buying community and the UK government. We are recommended by the FDEA as a provider of veterinary export certification and services .

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