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Avian Flu Outbreak – 11/08/2022

Avian Flu Outbreak - 2022-08-11 - Mount Farm Vets

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Here is the latest from our farm team at Mount Vets. If you would like any further advice or would like us to cover something in the next newsletter, please call us on 01823 662286 or contact us here.

Two Avian Flu Outbreaks near Colliton Barton

Two Avian Flu outbreaks have been confirmed in the vicinity of our Colliton Barton Office and two control zones and two surveillance zones have been established. The Colliton Office is within the surveillance zone but just outside the control zone.

As the Colliton office is on a poultry farm it is essential that we put strict biosecurity protocols in place.

As a result, our poultry vets are not operating from the Colliton office but have moved to the Wellington Office where post mortems and Lab work can be undertaken.

The administration staff are working from Colliton and are available to dispense both Large Animal and poultry medication. 

Please be advised…

We ask that if you are in the Protection or Surveillance zone – even if you do not have poultry – you do not come to the practice and if you do have poultry or gamebirds that you do not come to the practice even if you are outside the restricted zones.

If you require medication can you please phone the practice and the administration staff will arrange to meet you at the end of the lane on the main road to hand the medication to you.

We apologise for the measures that we have had to introduce.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 01404 841011.

Many thanks.

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