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Young Herdsperson Course

Are you a young farmer or farm worker with a growing interest in dairy cows?

If yes then this farm herdsperson course is for you.

It has been designed for those who are keen to improve their ability to assist in the health management of a modern dairy herd. It is very much a ” hands-on ” course and sets out to increase understanding of the cow & her environment, show best practice, common pitfalls and aims to teach skills that can be used by anyone on a daily basis to help improve cow health and performance.

The course is run at the Colliton Barton training centre which is based on a large dairy farm. This allows for regular interaction with live animals and practice of some of the techniques taught.

The course consists of six modules run between 11 & 3:30 one day a week. We even provide drinks, snacks and lunch!


Our comprehensive 6 days Young Herdsperson Course covers the following modules:

  • Calving and the newborn
  • Calves and Youngstock
  • Nutrition
  • Milking and mastitis
  • Improving fertility
  • Lameness & housing
Course Fees

This very hands-on course will only cost you £200 for the 6 days of training.

Places are limited and will be served on a first come first-served basis.

This low price is made possible by funding from the Laura Persey trust. (People over YFC age will be charged the unsubsidised rate of £500).

Book a place

To book a place or find out more please contact us via email or phone:
farm@mountvets.com01823 662 286