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Animal Health and Welfare Pathway (AHWP) Update

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Now that the AHWP has been up and running for several months, we have had several farms go through the process and access the available funding.

A quick reminder of what the AHWP is: 
It is open to keepers of: 
  • 11 or more beef cattle 
  • 11 or more dairy cattle 
  • 21 or more sheep 
The funding available depends on the species present: 
  • £436 for a sheep review 
  • £522 for a beef cattle review 
  • £372 for a dairy cattle review 
There is a minimum amount of disease testing that must take place to access the funding
  • BVD for cattle  
  • Worm testing (and wormer resistance testing if appropriate) for sheep 

The left-over funding after testing has been completed can be used towards improving animal health and welfare through improved biosecurity or measures to reduce medicine usage.

For people applying for APHA capital grants for equipment, having an AHWP review that mentions the need for equipment related to health and welfare may increase the chance of a successful application.


A link to the AHWP application process can be found below: 

Annual health and welfare review of livestock (  


A link to the grant website can be found below: 

Farming Investment Fund – GOV.UK ( 


If there are any further questions relating to the AHWP, please give us a ring at the practice on 01823 662286, or email us at 

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