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Poultry and Gamebird Vet Services

Mount Vets offer outstanding poultry and game bird services to local farmers

Health Visits

We provide a 24 hour 7 day a week service and hence are able to attend your farm or home at any time. We take strict biosecurity precautions when visiting any of our clients to prevent the spread of diseases. The visit will trigger a report sent to you via email or post and follow up calls or visits as necessary. These are all stored on file for you to access in case you mis place them and need them for audit purposes

Annual Visits

For your birds at a commercial farm level to be under our care we must attend your site once per year for an annual visit. This entitles us to sign prescriptions and provide medication when we have that working knowledge of your premises and business. We are then compliant with our professional standards set out by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. This visit also ensures that you comply with the common schemes such as Freedom foods BEIC, Red Tractor etc. The visit provides a comprehensive review of your birds’ production and disease which then enables us to produce a health plan together for the next 12 months.

Post Mortems and Laboratory Services

Our detailed post mortems are mainly carried out at the Colliton Barton branch but we can arrange for birds to be dropped at any of our premises where they will be transported to us. If you are not within easy travelling distance then our office will also organise our courier TNT to collect your birds from your farm and deliver them to us on a next day delivery basis as long as they are packaged correctly.(see below). By special arrangement with our Colliton office we can also carry out post mortems at our main surgery at Wellington. We have an onsite laboratory working 7 days a week where we carry out various diagnostic tests such as bacteriology, parasitology etc. This speeds up our process of providing accurate treatments and preventative advice. We also organise salmonella testing for the National Control programmes for all species.

Instructions for Packaging birds for Courier Collection

Please enclose a letter sealed in a grip tight plastic bag with a submission form (that can be downloaded from this web site) giving a detailed history of the problem including number of deaths over the last week, feed and water consumption, any weight information or production data including egg quality for layers.

  1. Wrap the birds several times in newspaper or paper towel so that any discharges from the birds will be absorbed.
  2. Place the dead birds into a strong plastic bag.The birds should either be frozen or fresh dead with a cool pack next to them. Seal with tape or cable tie.
  3. Place this plastic bag in another strong plastic bag. Seal as before.
  4. Place the birds and bags into a strong cardboard box packed with paper surrounding them.
  5. Seal the cardboard box well in all directions with packaging tape.
  6. Write on the box with a permanent marker our address in capital letters.
  7. Also write ‘PATHOLOGICAL SAMPLES – HANDLE WITH CARE’ with the permanent marker

Health Plans

Flock health plans are an important part of our preventative health care approach. They are also a necessity for you to comply with the standards set by many of the supermarket/ packer and processor companies. During our annual visits we will concentrate on the farms performance for the previous 12 months and look at any diseases that have been diagnosed in that period. Our health plans will then be amended to provide a preventative health care plan for the next 12 months. This will involve a detailed appraisal of your biosecurity. We provide recommendations for tightening this important part of your business with our detailed knowledge of products such as disinfectants, detergents, and rodent, fly and mite control, etc.

Vaccination Programmes

One of our primary aims is to provide a preventative health care package to suit your business. With the use of antibiotics under scrutiny we must look at alternatives in order to improve birds health. Part of this strategy is to use vaccines carefully and effectively in order to reduce the impact of disease.

We provide detailed comprehensive programmes to commercial pullet rearers right down to an occasional vaccine at the back yard level. Accurate diagnosis of diseases is an important part of this strategy and having the wider picture of diseases that are prevalent in a particular geographical location also helps to formulate a preventative vaccination program.

Medicines and Alterntives

We have a comprehensive pharmacy that stocks all your poultry and game bird needs that is open 7 days per week during office hours. If you need any products or medicines urgently out of hours then we can arrange for you to collect from a locked cupboard with a combination lock which is situated outside the Colliton branch surgery. We also produce nosodes that are made up for specific site issues and are compliant with organic standards. Antibiotics usage has to be reduced moving forward and hence we stock alternatives to try to support the health of the birds such as probiotics, prebiotics, multi vitamins, acids to improve gut health, water sanitisers to improve water quality. We also stock a comprehensive range of treatments for supporting the health of our back yard patients.

To discuss any of our services or to register as a client please telephone 01404 841011 and ask to speak to one of our poultry vets.

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