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Our game bird vets work within the Somerset region

We have full post mortem facilities accompanied by laboratory back-up to give full diagnostic support to our poultry farm clients. The Mount Vets poultry and game bird vets are on-call 24/7. To speak with a vet please call 01823 662286.

Game Bird Vets in Somerset

Visit the “Meet the Poultry Vet Team” section to learn more about each of our experienced game bird vets.

We offer a full and professional veterinary service for game bird clients involved at:

  • breeding stage
  • rearing stage
  • release

Our poultry vets services include;

  • Annual health visits
  • Site visits
  • Post mortems and sampling, including on site bacteriology (results in 1-2 days in most cases)
  • Full laboratory service parasitology
  • Flock health plans
  • Production of nososdes
  • 24 hour veterinary emergency cover out of hours
  • 24 hour phone advice free of charge to registered clients

Download the correct form

If you are bringing or sending birds to us for post mortem, please complete a submission form.
Download the form below, or fill one in at the practice if dropping birds off.

Speak with a qualified poultry vet...

The Poulty Vets at Mount Vets are here to help with any questions you have on this subject – if you need help or advice on any farm veterinary issues please give us a call immediately - we're here to help.

Please call: 01823 662286

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