There are two categories of parasite that can affect your rabbit – endoparasites live within your rabbit’s body and ectoparasites live on your rabbit’s skin.


Rabbits do not suffer from roundworm or tapeworm infections like dogs and cats. However, rabbits can be infected with a parasite called Encephalitzoon cuniculi (E.cuniculi).

E cuniculi can cause kidney disease, neurological disease and eye disease. The parasite is spread through contamination of food and water with infected urine. E. cuniculi can also infect people and other animals. Preventative treatment and appropriate husbandry help to limit the spread of this disease.


Fleas and mites can transmit myxomatosis so it is important to regularly treat your rabbit with a suitable product. It is important to treat all animals in the household as cats and dogs may also transmit fleas that may affect rabbits as well as transmitting diseases that can infect people.

Flystrike is a disease that can affect your rabbit during the summer months. Blowfly lay their eggs in your rabbit’s coat and these eggs develop into maggots that will quickly burrow into the flesh.

Flystrike is a serious disease and can rapidly lead to death. Blowfly are attracted to faecal material so it is important to check your rabbit daily to ensure that all the fur is clean and dry. Clean out hutches and change bedding regularly to reduce contamination. Overweight rabbits and those with urine scalding or diarrhoea are at a higher risk of developing flystrike.

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