Is your pet unwell or injured but not an urgent case?

No need to worry if you can’t get to our vet practice – you can now have a live vet video call appointment directly from your home, or anywhere you are.

Book an appointment at Mount Vets

Use the form on this page to book an appointment. Please complete the details required to book your appointment – we are currently only offering appointments at our Taunton Road hospital.

If you have any questions regarding appointments please do not hesitate to call us 01823 662286.

Our Appointments

Due to the current COVID-19 circumstances we are limiting physical appointments to emergencies, ill, injured and priority pets only. This means no routine appointments will be made until further notice ie. spays and neuters, dentistry, pregnancy scans, annual boosters and vaccinations etc.

Some priority appointments will be taking place outside. Please respect other people’s privacy when these appointments are taking place. Every appointment with a vet or vet nurse is a confidential consultation, regardless of location, and information overheard from these appointments should not be publicly posted anywhere.

If your pet is ill or injured, please first call us to discuss your pet’s symptoms. Our receptionists are trained to identify which symptoms are urgent and which are not. If our receptionist does not identify your pet’s symptoms as urgent, you will be directed to a vet video consultation option (please see above).

Puppies still require their initial vaccinations and will be able to come in for their 8 week and 12 week vaccinations.

Pets with allergies will also be able to come in for their immunotherapy injections.

Mount Active Pet Health Club Members

If you are a Mount Active Pet Health Club member, the vaccinations and health checks included as part of your plan will be honoured and scheduled post-COVID-19 lockdown. If your pet needs to restart their vaccination course due to implications related to the COVID-19 lockdown, the additional costs will be covered by your plan.

Your Mount Active Pet Health Club membership is a twelve-month contract. If you decide to terminate the membership early, you will be liable for any costs in full which were claimed as part of your membership plan, minus the membership fees you have already paid. Terminating your Mount Active Pet Health Club membership means no benefits under your plan can be claimed thereafter, and any additional costs implicated by the COVID-19 lockdown period, e.g. restarting your pet’s vaccination course, will not be covered and you will be liable for these costs.

What is considered a priority appointment?

Priority Appointment Pets

The following appointments are necessary to prevent significant impact on health/welfare:

– Puppies in need of their 8 week and 12 week vaccinations.

– Pets with allergies who require immunotherapy vaccinations.


Postponed Appointments

The following routine appointments will be postponed until further notice:

– Annual vaccinations & boosters
– Nail clips
– Weight clinics
– Health checks
– Neuters & spays
– Dentistry



An emergency is considered an immediate threat to life. If your pet is an emergency case, call us immediately on 01823 662286.

Ill or Injured Pets

If your pet is not an emergency case but is unwell or injured, please call us to arrange a vet video consultation.

Procedure for bringing your pet to the hospital for a priority appointment

1. Upon arrival, please wait in your car and call 01823 662286 to check in.

2. When ready, the vet will come out to your car.

3. Walk the dog into one of the side gardens (the receptionist will tell you or the vet will show you). Carabiners can be found attached to the fence and you will need to clip the lead to the carabiner before retreating 2 metres.

4. The vet will then secure a practice collar and lead as well as a slip lead before detaching your lead, leaving it attached to the carabiner. The dog will then be taken to the consult room for clinical exam (or examined outdoors at a distance greater than 2 metres from you if weather and temperament permit).

1. Upon arrival, please wait in your car and call 01823 662286 to check in.

2. When ready, the vet will come out to your car.

3. The vet will maintain a distance of greater than 2 metres whilst taking the clinical history from you.

4. You will need to place the animal carrier/container on the ground and retreat 2 metres. The vet will then take the animal carrier/container into the consult room.