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We believe that a combination of good health planning, regular monitoring and preventative medicine is the key to success on the modern farm. Our sheep vets offer a wide range of skills which allow us to reduce the impact of disease and help you get the best from your flock. Mount Vets farm practice can help with the following sheep vet services:


Flock lameness control programmes, Foot bathing advice, Vaccination protocols, Footrot eradication strategies, CODD advice.


Poor lambing percentage investigation, lambings and caesareans, synchronising programmes, FLOCKCHECK blood sampling scheme.

Flock health planning

Minimising the impact of disease through good management.

Vaccination programmes

Full vaccination programmes for Clostridial diseases (Pulpy kidney,etc.), Enzootic abortion, Toxoplasmosis, Bluetongue, Footrot.

Blood sampling

Maedi-visna testing, Ewecheck scheme, Trace element deficiency investigations.

Worm / Fluke control

Up to date worming advice, worm/fluke control programmes, full range of products supplied by qualified, friendly sheep vets.

Ram Fertility Testing

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The Farm Vets at Mount Vets are here to help with any questions you have on this subject – if you need help or advice on any farm veterinary issues please give us a call immediately - we're here to help.

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