Another Successful Show Season..

is behind us, and as always we would like to thank all those clients that came to visit us at the Mid Devon and Honiton Shows. Although the Honiton Show had the most sunshine, a shower or two would have been welcome as the temperature climbed steadily through the day. We narrowly avoided a chocolate brownie meltdown! Artistic Director, Head Chef and Chief Raconteur Piers Pepperell was justly rewarded with a second best commercial stand in show at The Mid Devon and a third best in show at Honiton.

There were a large number of Mount Vets clients involved in the showing and many notable successes. Congratulations to all who attended, and also congratulations to the competitors in the Young Farmer’s tug of war who swamped the marquee and finished off the pasties after their event. Any serious sportsperson should understand that cider is the perfect isotonic rehydration fluid!

Cronyxin Injection withdrawn from use in Food Producing Animals

This was a bit of a surprise to us given how long the product has been in use and how commonly it is prescribed. The active ingredient is fine, but there is a potential problem with one of the preservatives that is used to extend the shelf life. This risk is however very slight, so any Cronyxin that is already on farm can still be used up. Fortunately Kelaprofen is a very close replacement that can be used in the same situations (E Coli Mastitis, Toxic

Mount Vets Beef and Sheep Group Meeting Date

7.30pm on Thursday 30th August
Wellington Rugby Club

Al W and Charlie will be your hosts for the evening, and the invite is open to all commercial producers and pedigree breeders. This initial meeting will introduce what we propose to do, and most importantly ask for your feedback as to what services you would like to see included. There will also be a quick update on the DEFRA funded ‘BVD Stamp It Out’ campaign. We have secured some industry sponsorship so in return for your time we can promise a bite to eat, a full glass in your hand and a relaxing social evening alongside the talk.

If you are interested in attending then please give Al or Charlie a call at the practice on 01823 662286

APHA Briefing Note 09/18: Delayed Removal of In Calf TB Reactors

For those who have thus far failed to find the time or energy to read this briefing note a summary is as follows;

A keeper may request the delayed removal of Reactors that are within 60 days of calving. On receiving the request APHA will carry out a risk assessment for the holding. If the conclusion is that delayed removal is possible then the following will be required;

  1. A declaration completed by the owner
  2. A declaration completed by the owner’s vet (to be paid for by the owner rather than APHA)

These declarations will cover the biosecurity measures that will be necessary for the reactor to stay on farm. APHA reserve the right to make unannounced visits to check the declarations are being adhered to.
Any short interval tests that are due will be delayed until at least 60 days after removal of the reactor, however if a high disease risk is identified at any stage following approval to delay removal an additional earlier check test may be required immediately after removal of the reactor but not less than 60 days since the herd test.

For many this may seem more hassle than it is worth, but if the calf is a particularly valuable animal then there may be a case for following this procedure. Please talk to us first if you are considering it so we can help you to check the detail in the regulations and avoid any pitfalls.

BVD Stamp It Out Project Update

We have now signed contracts and secured funding for 50 beef and 50 dairy farms. The project is essentially free to participating farms bar any excess testing over the subsidised part so we are expecting a big uptake. The plan is to recruit member farms ready for a launch meeting in early October so please ring the practice to register your interest and we will be in touch in due course with the full details.