Mount Vets COVID 19 Update for The Farm Department:

To all Farm and clients,

This is just to reassure you that our intention is for the department to run as normally as possible through the COVID 19 outbreak. If you have pre booked work, for example a herd health then this work will go ahead, and if you have a day or emergency call, or need some medicines putting up then please give the practice a call in the usual way. Because of our role in food production The Farm Department is on the Protected Workers List, so we anticipate that nothing will change if further restrictions on movement or a full ‘lockdown’ are put in place by the government.


On Farm Visits and Work

We are taking a comprehensive range of precautions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. As part of this it is vital that we minimise risks when conducting on farm visits and work so please bear in mind the following points;

  1. Most of our work is in well ventilated sheds or outdoors which markedly reduces the risks of any transmission.
  2. We will adhere strictly to the government social distancing guidelines of a minimum 2 metres gap between all vet and farm staff.
  3. We will always wear gloves or sterilise our hands on arrival, and scrub off when we have finished with FAM30 disinfectant and hand sanitiser.
  4. Any meeting should be conducted outdoors, and the same 2 metre rule will apply.
  5. No vet that is self isolating will be sent on a visit. If you have any farm staff that are self isolating then please make sure that they do not attend


TB Testing

  1. APHA have no current plans to cancel any statutory requirements for TB testing, although apparently it may be possible to extend the testing window in some circumstances.
  2. APHA have stipulated that all the points in the section above regarding minimising risk must apply during tests so if you feel that your handling facilities or staff will be unable to guarantee the social distancing guidelines then please let us know.
  3. If it becomes apparent during the course of the test that we will are unable to test some of the animals (for instance young calves) because of social distancing then these will be left untested – further guidance on what this might mean is on the way.
  4. If you are social isolating as part of the government guidelines and you have a TB test due then you are advised to report this to the APHA for guidance as the practice has no power to delay or cancel the test.


Our feeling is that these instructions may well change in the near future so please check regularly for further updates.



The practice maintains good stocks of veterinary medicines. However we have limited storage available for fridge medicines (eg vaccines) so we would advise clients to increase stock levels of these items to cover any interruption in supply.

  1. All non fridge medicines to be picked up from Wellington will be left for collection in the white ‘Alcove’ box to the right of the reception door.
  2. All non fridge medicines to be picked up from Colliton will be left for collection in the red metal box to the right of the reception door.
  3. If you are collecting a fridge item form Wellington, or need to drop off a sample, or you have another enquiry then please knock on the reception door or give a wave through the window. If you are unable to see anyone then please give the practice a call in the usual way Reception will be staffed as usual but if you are unable to find anyone then please give the practice a call in the usual way. Opening hours:

Wellington: Mon – Fri 08.30 – 18.00, Sat 08.30 – 12.00

Colliton: Mon – Fri 09.00 – 17.30

  1. We will continue with delivery to farm as usual but please give us as much notice as possible of your needs so we can organise the delivery drops around clinical calls.


Emergency Work

No change, please ring the same number out of hours: 01823 662286



We will communicate via this website, text and email. We will also update the facebook page regularly. If COVID 19 does affect the practice then we will inform clients of any change in arrangements through these channels so please check them daily as events are moving fast. If any of your staff would like to receive updates then please ask then to contact the practice with their details

Finally, it goes without saying that all of us at the practice extend our very best wishes to all clients and their families in such uncertain times. If there is any other way that we can help whilst we are out on our rounds or otherwise then please let us know.


With kind regards
The Farm Animal Team