Mount Vets give the best quality (and friendliest) cattle services in Somerset

We believe that a combination of good health planning, regular monitoring and preventative medicine is the key to success on the modern farm. Our state of the art cattle services and equipment and wide range of skills allow us to reduce the impact of disease and help you get the best from your stock.

Cattle Fertility

Routine Herd Health visits, Monitoring programmes, Fertility data analysis, target setting and benchmarking.

Lameness in Cattle

Mobility scoring, lameness control programmes, Advanced Foot trimming, Foot trimming courses.


Professional investigation service, sample analysis, Dry cow therapy programmes, Somatic Cell count reduction and control.

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Cow performance analysis, Ration analysis, Rumen health scoring, Whole herd investigation, Excess LDA occurrence investigation.

Calf Rearing

Best practice management advice, pneumonia/scour outbreak investigation, disease sampling, Disease control programmes, Housing design advice.

Infectious Disease Control

BVD / Johnes / IBR / Leptospirosis monitoring programmes, Full/part herd vaccination protocols, Eradication projects, Part of the HERDSURE service, Beefcheck scheme.

Semen Collection / Evaluation

On farm bull breeding soundness examinations, on farm electro ejaculator semen sampling and analysis, certification.

Herd Health planning

Full herd health planning service, routine updating, best practice advice.

Johnes / BVD eradication

Individual herd specific disease eradication programmes, regular advice and support, SWHLI funded projects.

NMR / CIS data interpretation

Herd Companion, Interherd and Interherd+ software, fertility and performance analysis, target setting and benchmarking.

Worm /Fluke control

Up to date worming advice, worm/fluke control programmes, full range of products.

In house Milk Laboratory

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