Post-Operative Care of a Guinea Pig

We know that many owners may have concerns taking their pet home after an anaesthetic or surgical procedure. Please remember that you do not have to feel that you are on your own. Our trained staff are there to offer all the advice and support you may need.

Your guinea pig should be placed in a warm, dry bed, protected from draughts. Plenty of good quality hay or straw should be provided which allows your guinea pig to insulate itself and also provides an immediate source of food. Sawdust and shavings are NOT suitable bedding materials, as they tend to stick to operation sites.

Your guinea pig should be encouraged to eat and drink as soon as possible after coming home. Take care however that it does not knock over its water bowl if it has one – wet guinea pigs lose body heat very quickly.

We will usually ask you to make an appointment to bring your guinea pig back 1-2 days after its operation so that we can check that your guinea pig is well and that the operation site is healing. Depending on the procedure we often use dissolvable stitches and tissue glue in guinea pigs, so there are no stitches to remove in many cases.

If your guinea pig does not appear to be eating or drinking within 24 hours of going home, or if you are concerned about its well-being in any way, please telephone us for advice.