Pet Travel Scheme

The Pet Travel Scheme enables you to take your dog or cat abroad, without the need for quarantine upon your return to the UK. To qualify for the Pet Travel Scheme your dog or cat needs to be issued with their own passport.

To obtain a Pet passport, your puppy must be microchipped so that they can be properly identified. Once microchipped your puppy must be vaccinated against rabies. The minimum age for a rabies vaccination is 3 calendar months. Once the rabies vaccination has been given the Pets passport can be issued. Your puppy is free to travel 21 days after the date of the rabies vaccination. Rabies boosters are required as specified within the passport to ensure the passport remains valid for travel.

It will be necessary that you arrange for a vet to certify that your dog has been treated for worms and other parasites 1-5 days before your return to the UK.

It is important to allow plenty of time to organise your Pet Passport before you plan to travel as a minimum of 21 days must have elapsed before your pet can travel on their passport. Pet Passports must be issued by an Official Veterinarian (OV). The small animal vets at Mount Vets are qualified as OV’s and will be happy to help with your pet’s travel requirements.

We are also experienced at organising exports to other destinations not covered by The Pet Travel Scheme – please contact us to discuss your requirements.