Identichips are small microchips approximately the size of a grain of rice that can be placed under the skin between the shoulders. Each identichip has a unique number that is stored on a national database. Once your pet is identichipped, your contact details are logged to that unique number. If a pet is lost or stolen, this unique number will identify the pet and its owner quickly and easily, enabling them to be reunited.

If you move house it is important to contact the national database so that the information stored there is up to date.

Identichips can be placed at any time, often at vaccination or at neutering. It is a straightforward procedure that does not require any sedation or anaesthetic. Once placed the identichip remains under the skin and cannot migrate elsewhere in the body.

Here at Mount Vets we strongly advise that all pets have an Identichip.

Every pet that travels abroad will have an Identichip as they are a fundamental requirement for the Pet Travel Scheme.