Dental Treatments – Dogs

Dental procedures are carried out under a full general anaesthetic. Your dog may be sleepy and a bit unsteady for the next 12-24 hours. During this time your dog should be allowed to rest quietly in a warm (not too hot) comfortable place. Offer a light meal of soft food but do not worry if your dog does not feel like eating when it gets home – normal appetite should return within 24-48 hours. Make sure water is constantly available. Feed softened food for the next 2-3 days.

A dental scale and polish involves the removal of hard stony tartar and soft plaque from the visible parts of the teeth and the important unseen area below the gum line. Ultrasonic tips are used to clean this area, vibrating at 25,000 times per second.  A delicate probe is used to record the depth of the space around each tooth and an individual chart is compiled of your dog’s mouth.

Missing and Extracted Teeth

  • Missing Tooth
  • Extracted Tooth
  • Fractured Tooth

Treatments Performed

  • Ultrasonic Scaling
  • Polishing
  • Periodontal Surgery
  • Extractions (teeth)
  • Other

Finally, each tooth is polished smooth with a dental polisher and special paste. This helps to prevent the rapid re-attachment of plaque. Plaque is the main enemy of good dental health. It is formed from food debris, bacteria and salivary proteins. The equivalent of a tip of a teaspoon of plaque may contain an average of 200,000 bacteria. The physical removal of plaque on a daily basis is essential to stop dental disease restarting at the same rate as before. Depending on the level of dental disease, it may be necessary to carry out dental x-rays and extract damaged or loose teeth. Dissolvable sutures may be used to close the gum edges – these will not require removal. Antibiotics and pain relief may be prescribed.

In order to check your pet’s healing we will usually ask you to make an appointment to revisit the surgery with your dog a few days after the dental procedure. This will also give you the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have, whilst allowing our trained staff to demonstrate the best way to implement a suitable home care routine for you and your dog. There is no extra charge for this service.