We run a number of practical courses in Dairy, Beef and Sheep management. These cater for all age groups and abilities and utilise subsidies available for skills training to make them excellent value for money. All courses are run by partners in our farm practice, as well as invited experts in the relevant fields. If you are interested in attending any of our courses in the future please send us an email at so we can put you on our mailing list to ensure you a place on the next available course.

The “be a Better Herdsperson” course

Are you a young farmer or farm worker with a growing interest in dairy cattle? Then this may be for you…

This course has been designed specifically for those young farmers and farm workers who are keen to improve their ability to assist in the health management of a modern dairy herd. As a predominantly “hands on” course, it sets out to improve understanding of the cow and her environment, show best practice, common pitfalls and aims to install a great number of skills that can be used by anyone on a daily basis, to help improve cow health, performance and profitability.

To enable this, the course will be run at Colliton Barton, a newly created training facility based on a large dairy farm. This will allow regular interaction with live animals and practicing of the techniques taught. The course consists of six modules, each running between 11 and 3 on a Thursday and there will be two each month. This timing means that everyone should have finished morning milking and be back in time for the afternoon one!
This is an annual course so drop us an email to register your interest and we will get you onto the next one!

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The Dairy Herdsperson apprenticeship

We are very pleased to have been asked by the Duchy agricultural college in Cornwall to design and teach a totally new apprenticeship scheme for them. The course we have created is ideal for people in their late teens and early twenties who want to get involved in a very practically structured course that over the course of a year. It aims to improve the students understanding of the dairy unit and teach them a great many practical skills, while they spend the majority of their time actually working on a dairy farm. The classes occur from 10 until 3:30 for one day every three weeks and combine classroom presentations, post mortem room sessions, on farm discussion, handling and practicing skills on live animals, four small projects and several assessment sessions. All this adds up to the equivalent of an NVQ level 3 qualification for your CV. This is the first course in the country to be taught predominantly by vets and so far is going very well indeed! If you are interested in an apprenticeship and want to find out more then go to

Dairy apprenticships in Devon, somerset, Cornwall

The “be a Better Beef farmer” Course

This course is for beef farmers and farm workers who are keen to improve their beef stock keeping skills. Similar to our other courses it is broken up into sections, covering all the important aspects of beef farming, with plenty of practical skills to learn and try out. For those of you that are under 30, the Laura Persey trust is additionally subsidising the course. This course is run when we have enough applicants so please let us know if you are interested and we will contact you once we have a full list of delegates

The “be a Better Shepherd” Course

Are you a sheep farmer or sheep farm worker with a growing interest in flock management? If so then this is the course for you. It has been specially designed to help improve the abilities of young shepherds to improve the overall performance of their flock by teaching best practice, common problems and a range of skills. There will be plenty of “hands on” sections to help reinforce many of the different skills taught on the course. It will be based at the Colliton Barton Training Centre, its laboratory and a working sheep farm. It runs over three days from 10:30 to 3:30. The three days are spread throughout the sheep calendar at appropriate times, so that all the knowledge gained on the course can be implemented straight away. We will hopefully be running this course in 2018 so let us know if you are interested.

Artificial Insemination Courses

We regularly run courses in AI technique which lead to the only Ed excel professional qualification available in the UK. The courses cover all aspects of fertility as well as providing ample opportunity to practice on live specimens. We usually work in unison with Alta, so if you are an Alta customer please see your rep about getting a place on the course. Otherwise give us a ring to book yourself on or find out when the next course is.

We also run AI refresher days for regular AIers who fancy a little updating! Look out for news of upcoming days.